Special Weekday Elopement Wedding Deal!

Justice of the Peace


Get Married any weekday at my Foxboro home. Invite a couple of friends and I will Marry you in the comfort of my living room. This will be a simple and quick ceremony and I perform these Weddings from 10-4, Tuesday to Thursday.

 The cost is only:


You must have a valid Marriage License and call for a reservation.



Want an Ultra Speedy Ceremony?

Fast Wedding Ceremony

My fastest ceremony is under 2 seconds and it was 100% legal. It was really 1.87 seconds -- but who is counting. I performed it for a couple at my home in July of 2014. they wanted to be married in the fastest way possible and I accomodated. Congrats to the speedy couple!  Is there a Guiness Book category for quick Weddings?