Santa Wedding


Imagine inviting a group of guests to a "Christmas Party" with a twist. You have to be able to keep a great secret and not tell anyone that something amazing will happen at your Christmas festival.

The Wedding starts out as a simple holiday party and then it is time for Santa to make his grand entrance. You and your Fiancé e greet Santa and then he goes around checking to make sure that everyone has been very good this year.

In the meantime, the soon to be bride and her attendant slip out and she dons her wedding dress. The last person to be asked his wish is the Bride Groom. The Groom whispers his wish in Santa's ear and Santa erupts with the loudest Ho, Ho, Ho, that you have ever heard.

Suddenly, the music changes from Christmas songs to the Bridal march.   The Bride magically appears and begins walking towards Santa to grant the Groom --the best  wish of all.  How Fun!

Total cost of this Wedding complete with Justice Santa, Mrs. Claus and Music begins at $999.00  P.S. Santa also sings!

If you love Christmas -- let's talk!

Jerry has been a professional Santa for over 10 years and has a beautiful satin suit and top quality wig and beard.