Comedy Weddings


Jerry, who is a seasoned improvisational actor spent many a night playing in a series of comedy Wedding dinner theatre productions throughout New England.  He has been in Mario and Mary's Wacky Wedding, Nathan and Nina's Wedding, Sharon and Aaron's Mishugina Wedding.  He has played numerous roles from Priest to Rabbi, Father of the Groom and Mother of the Groom.  (Yes, Mother of the Groom)

If you want the most unusual wedding filled with side splitting humor and surprises,  call Jerry and discuss what he can bring to the table.  Jerry can do multiple accents, characters and is comfortable in any role or costume.  You dream up the scenario or let me put on my creative cap to assist you with a crazy ceremony.

Remember, while the ceremony can be totally outrageous, the Wedding is real, legal and sanctioned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Click on the start button below in order to see some one of Jerry's characters - Melvin Shmelvin.

Despite the fun -- Your Wedding will be real and legal!


I can add some Magic and.......

Jerry has been a Comedy Magician since he was five years old.  Imagine having a few hilarious magic tricks incorporated into your ceremony to give it a really unique flair.