Jerry Cibley is a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace. 

Being a Justice of the Peace allows Jerry to use his public speaking, comedy and people skills to provide weddings that will be remembered forever.


My wife and I have been happily married for eight years. Jeri (yes, her name is Jeri) tells me every day how happy I am. We have two awesome puppies – Ginger and Princess Jazmine. Jazmine can also serve as a ring bearer as long as you pay her with cheese.

Jeri helps coordinate the wedding ceremony to insure that everything is in its place for your special day. She can assist you with flowers, decorations, and ideas. Her last wedding was put together in one week’s time.  She is amazing.  So, do not hesitate to ask me about her services.

I have a wonderful Daughter, Brenna, and a beautiful granddaughter, Brooke Jordan. Seems like yesterday that I held Brenna in one hand and today I hold her Baby.  Naturally, the little one is the apple of Papa and Nanny’s eye. I encourage you to include your children in your wedding.



 Jeri and I on our honeymoon in Maui

 Ginger and Princess Jazmine

My best work....  Daughter Brenna and Grandaughters Brooke Jordan
and Cayleigh Samantha 




From the most traditional to the comic absurd, I can help you design the wedding of your dreams. Secular and family traditions are encouraged in the creation of your vows. I am Jewish and very comfortable including the wedding blessings, breaking of the glass, and blessing of the wine within your ceremony.

For non-Jews, I encourage you to include your favorite spiritual readings and biblical passages to be read to each other, by me, or a special person attending the wedding. Totally secular weddings are fine as well.

My wife wrote our wedding ceremony when we married – once for a secular wedding in Hawaii and later for our more traditional Jewish wedding. (Yes, we did it legally and then later religiously). This is a most important day and should be one you remember, as we remember ours.

We had a blast at our Wedding and you should to.  Call me anytime to chat at 617-828-3636.